What are the advantages of electric heat gun?

Soldering iron and hot air gun is two common welding tool. Although they have different usage scenarios and their respective characteristics, but they can be complementary to some extent. In these two kinds of welding tools, heat gun due to its flexibility and versatility, wider application range, here we detailed introduce what are the advantages of electric hot air gun.

1. The versatility heat gun mode has a variety of functions, can realize the different work tasks. In addition to the general welding, baking and annealing tin, can also be used to shrink tube, welding, baking and thawing loose parts, etc. This versatility makes heat gun plumbers, carpenters, electricians, welders, and other industry commonly used tools, even if only family to use, also has a lot of maintenance and DIY can use it to meet the demand.

2. Accurately adjust the heat gun can be done by temperature and air velocity control precision adjustment, suitable for all kinds of welding, drying, annealing tin, melting, baked material application, etc. Because of the heat gun can adjust different working temperature, so the user can according to need to choose the most suitable temperature and air velocity.

3. Safety, compared with electric heat gun is relatively safer. This is because the heat gun can usually avoid cause a fire or other security issues. In addition, many heat gun with automatic shutdown function, once reach the preset temperature or working hours, it would automatically shut off, avoid the happening of accidents.

4. Speed up work because of the heat gun air velocity can be controlled easily, so you can quickly in a short time and welding preheating, heat. This is especially suitable for some heavy use of manufacturing.

5. Reduce the cost for small quantity production, heat gun relative to the machine is a kind of more economical choice. This is because the heat gun with low cost, easy to use, handling and maintenance, can lead to higher failure rate and less cost of consumables. In short, heat gun and soldering iron, although each have advantages and disadvantages, but the heat gun's advantage lies in its versatility, precision adjustment, high safety, accelerate the speed, reduce the cost, etc. Therefore, the choose and buy when the welding tool, the user can choose according to their needs for their own tools.



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